The Fact About 裴蕾 That No One Is Suggesting

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发明内容 DISCLOSURE 为了克服目前汉字输入法对普通使用者的困难,本发明提供一种汉字输入法,该汉字输入法无需汉语拼音知识,编码规范,重码率较低,输入码短,一、二、三、四级简码汉字就有五千多个�?In order to overcome The existing hard Chinese character input method for standard buyers, the current invention gives a Chinese character input system, the Pinyin Chinese character input method with no know-how, coding requirements, reduced body weight fee, enter the code shorter, one particular, two, a few, 4 basic code characters have over five thousand. 本发明对普通使用者来说,降低了学习掌握汉字输入的难度,且能较快地在计算机中输入汉字�?The existing creation is for regular end users, reducing The issue of Studying to learn Chinese character enter, and might rapidly enter Chinese people with your Computer system. 本发明解决其技术问题所采用的技术方案是:把汉字的形体结构分为五大类主结构,每大类主结构又分为五种次结构,共二十五种结构�?The existing invention solves the technical problem on the technological know-how Utilized in This system are: the shape and framework of Chinese characters primary construction divided into five groups, Every single category is divided into 5 major structure substructure ended up 20-5 types of buildings. 主结构的分类:主结构的分类与其他汉字形体结构的分类类似,分为左右结构、上下结构、半包围结构、全包围结构、其他结构五大类�?Categorical Principal Construction: Classification Classification and various related characters condition and composition of the principle composition, the framework is split into still left and proper, up and down the construction, semi-enclosed construction, your entire bordering structure, other structures five categories. 注意,其他结构包�?01个汉字统一部首、独体字和难于划分为前四大类的字(201个部首中有一些成字部首在其他汉字形体结构的分类中是可划分为左右、上下等结构的,在其他结构中把它当做一个整体,不做前四大类的划�?�?Take note that other structures such as the 201 kanji radicals unified, solitary people and difficult to be divided into 4 categories before the term (201 Radical Radical phrases have some to other people in the classification overall body construction is split into still left and appropriate up and down along with other buildings, together with other structures in it as a whole, not to divide the best 4 lessons).

I'm a completely new comer of Chengdu. I like the prosperous history 裴蕾 and cultural heritage of Rongcheng( Hibiscus town) and choose to remain. Soon after an extensive lookup, I have found this sunny hillside community inside the Qingchengshan scenic area. It is gorgeous and silent, but in addition convenient because of t…


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